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Academic Institutions

Academic Institutions

The safety and security of children is foremost in the minds of everyone today. There has always been a technology component involved in the distribution of knowledge. Educating children is one of the most important ways technology can play an active role in this distribution process. IT Initiatives works to improve your school while advancing the safety and security of your children. A state-of-the art technology system will protect any school’s campus while contributing to the advancement of learning.  Elements of a well-designed and planned technology system for academic institutions include the incorporation of wireless PC’s for student participation and increased involvement. Interactive audio/visual technologies allow teachers to incorporate information for students from a wealth of resources.   A library can be computerized for ease of use and maintenance of records and sophisticated audio/visual components can increase actual physical informational space by creating multi-use rooms such as a combined auditorium and gymnasium. An unobtrusive video surveillance system will provide 24-hour facility monitoring and a card or key tag controlled access system controls visitors in addition to limiting available areas to individual or groups. IT Initiatives creates an academically-focused network architecture comprised of individual technology systems that function together as one integrated whole.  Systems are always adaptable to allow future integration with new designs and cost-effective technology solutions.

Our Services for your Academic Institution

Physical Security      

  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Intrusion Detection

  • Unified Communications
  • Telephony
Audio / Visual         

  • Monitors / Projectors
  • Administrative Audio Visual
Network Infrastructure           

  • The heart of what makes everything run
  • Electronic Media Records
  • - Brian G Lawrence (President & CEO, Fellowship Senior Living)

    IT Initiatives worked continuously and diligently with our team members at Fellowship Senior Living and provided strategic technology planning, expertise, and advice that has helped us provide advanced services and exemplary care for all those we care for and serve. IT Initiative also went above and beyond to address any concerns from our team members and from the seniors we serve. They are a professional team with heart and we would highly recommend them.

  • - Very Rev. Robert S. Grodnicki (Church of St. Luke  Toms River, NJ)

    In the immortal words of Harry Caray "Holy Cow!". After completion of our technology renovation I would not hesitate to recommend IT Initiatives to any other house of worship who wants to increase participation with their parishioners. They did a heavenly job!

  • - Don Johansen (Executive Director, Harrogate Senior Living)

    We knew from the beginning that we needed someone knowledgeable and experienced in designing and building an integrated communications system. John and the IT Initiatives staff have led us through strategic decisions along the way that will make our communications system the right one for Harrogate and our residents. John knows the right questions to ask and he can also deliver what his client wants.

  • - Kate Shepard (Executive Director, Reformed Church Home)

    IT Initiatives' highly technological skills provided the Reformed Church Home's staff with knowledge, guidance and education for a strategic technology plan. The implementation phase went smoothly due to the organizational skills, professionalism and expertise of IT Initiatives. A state of the art strategic initiative is in the place and the vision of the Reformed Church Home has been achieved.


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