Integrated Network

The core of any organization is its network architecture - It’s what allows systems to communicate with each other. Designing an integrated, easy-to-use environment is IT Initiatives’ main goal.


Your organization’s network infrastructure is the backbone of your operations. It is comprised of the software, hardware and protocols (the rules that guide the transmission and receipt of messaging within your system) that keep all of your technology running effectively and efficiently.

A well designed network architecture will ensure that your systems are fast and reliable, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, in order to meet your organizational goals.

IT Initiatives technology solutions not only function efficiently, they are designed with multiple levels of redundancy; meaning if one system fails, another component will continue to function. Your facility would not experience a service outage in the event of any equipment failure –instead your IT department would be notified and can react accordingly.

If your systems are very slow or consistently crashing, you may need a network architecture overhaul. This includes servers, clients, firewalls, switches, routers, and cabling. We can help with upgrades, renovations and new construction.

Our analysis procedure will also ensure your exiting assets can be reused where possible, ensuring your exiting system are used.

Our network experts will evaluate your current architecture and identify solutions that will improve the speed and reliability of your systems.


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  • - Brian G Lawrence (President & CEO, Fellowship Senior Living)

    IT Initiatives worked continuously and diligently with our team members at Fellowship Senior Living and provided strategic technology planning, expertise, and advice that has helped us provide advanced services and exemplary care for all those we care for and serve. IT Initiative also went above and beyond to address any concerns from our team members and from the seniors we serve. They are a professional team with heart and we would highly recommend them.

  • - Very Rev. Robert S. Grodnicki (Church of St. Luke  Toms River, NJ)

    In the immortal words of Harry Caray "Holy Cow!". After completion of our technology renovation I would not hesitate to recommend IT Initiatives to any other house of worship who wants to increase participation with their parishioners. They did a heavenly job!

  • - Don Johansen (Executive Director, Harrogate Senior Living)

    We knew from the beginning that we needed someone knowledgeable and experienced in designing and building an integrated communications system. John and the IT Initiatives staff have led us through strategic decisions along the way that will make our communications system the right one for Harrogate and our residents. John knows the right questions to ask and he can also deliver what his client wants.

  • - Kate Shepard (Executive Director, Reformed Church Home)

    IT Initiatives' highly technological skills provided the Reformed Church Home's staff with knowledge, guidance and education for a strategic technology plan. The implementation phase went smoothly due to the organizational skills, professionalism and expertise of IT Initiatives. A state of the art strategic initiative is in the place and the vision of the Reformed Church Home has been achieved.


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